Business Women of Missouri Foundation Scholarships

“The Missouri Federation is committed to women helping women through education, legislation and building self-sufficiency.”

The Business Women of Missouri Foundation, Inc. has been founded as a nonprofit organization.

A. The aim of the Foundation is to promote full participation, equity and economic self-sufficiency for working people through research, education and information.
B. The Foundation expects to work alone or with other persons, organizations, or institutions to further such educational goals.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Some general guidelines for applicants include:
1. Be a citizen of the United States, and be a resident of the State of Missouri.
2. Show evidence of acceptance into an accredited program or course of study.
3. Demonstrate need for financial assistance to upgrade skills and/or to complete education for career advancement.
4. Present a plan which identifies goals and objectives.
C. The Foundation strives to prepare people for the competitive and technological demands that face our nation’s workers into the next century.