St. Louis Community Foundation Renewal Scholarship Application

Welcome to the renewal application for your St. Louis Community Foundation scholarship. Complete this application ONLY IF YOU ARE ALREADY RECEIVING A RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIP FROM THE FOUNDATION. Answer each question with current information and make sure that uploads are current as well. Your transcript should include work through the Spring term.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Select the program(s) from which you are currently receiving support and wish to be considered for a renewal award:
  2. Provide your student identification number at the college you will attend.
  3. List the email address you check most often.
  4. Your renewal application requires a transcript of academic work completed through the Spring term that includes cumulative hours completed and a cumulative GPA (does not need to be official but does need to reflect all work completed). You should not submit your renewal application until you can answer Yes to this question. Does the transcript you uploaded in the general application include Spring coursework and cumulative grades and GPA?
  5. If you are applying for renewal of the Norbert Siegfried (Formerly St. Anthony's Norbert Siegfried), Betty Sims Wow! Award (Girls Inc.), Campbell, Carp, Craig, EHG, Oltmann, Get Involved!, Hillman Scholars, Lemonds, Melinda Jackson, Memmolo, Moller, Norwood Hills, Nurses for Ferguson, Project 16, Rio Vista, Skimiti, Siteman, STL Graduates, Rhoda, Triple A Ranch, Troublemaker, Weber, or Zimmer scholarship, upload a copy of your current Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA.
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