TRIO Works! Scholarship: MO-KAN-NE

It is with great pleasure that the MO-KAN-NE Board announces the 2018 TRIO Works! Scholarship competition. Graduating high school seniors and current college students participating in a TRIO program are invited to compete for a scholarship award of $500 for the 2018-2019 academic year. Through sponsoring this scholarship it is the chapters hope to gain testimonials to support the fact that TRIO Works!

Scholarship Application Directions

To be considered, the TRIO Works! Scholarship application must include:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Nomination Questionnaire and Narrative (from TRIO staff person)

The Nominator must submit a narrative in support of his/her student, indicating: a) in what capacity you know the Nominee; b) how the student has progressed since receiving TRIO services; c) commitment to completion of post secondary education; d) circumstances of his/her financial need); e) why student is deserving; f) any other pertinent information. The nomination narrative is limited to 500 words.

  • Applicant’s Essay entitled, “How My Participation in TRIO Has Contributed to My Success As a Student and My Pursuit of a Postsecondary Education.” A nominee should discuss his/her challenges and how TRIO is helping him/her achieve his/her educational and career plans and goals. Nominees are also to address whether they have financial need and, if so, to explain the circumstances. The essay is limited to 600 words.

Scholarship Criteria

  • The applicant must be a present participant of a TRIO program from which the nomination is being made and must be admitted to or currently enrolled in an institution of postsecondary education, seeking an undergraduate degree.
  • The applicant must be nominated by a TRIO staff and current MKN member.
  • Prior to receipt of the award, the scholarship recipient must provide the MKN Scholarship Committee chair with verification of actual enrollment in a postsecondary institution for the following semester. The student will not receive the award money until verification of attendance is received.

Please note the deadline date for submission of completed applications is March 16, 2018.

Scholarship Selection

  • Each Application will be reviewed and rated by members of the MKN Scholarship Committee.
  • The application will be scored in three categories: 1) nomination letter, 2) financial need, and 3) student essay.
  • Each category will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.
  • The TRIO Works! Scholarship recipient will be announced at the annual MKN Spring Conference.

Contact Tameka Herrion, MKN Scholarship Committee Chair, at (314) 880-4960 or

$500, non-renewable
Supplemental Questions
  1. In order to apply for this TRIO Works! scholarship, you must be nominated by a TRIO staff person from your respective program AND they must be a current MKN member. Please, enter the name and e-mail address of your nominator and they will be sent a nomination email to complete and submit on your behalf.
  2. Host Institution:
  3. ESSAY: Submit an essay about how your participation in TRIO has contributed to your success as a student and your pursuit of a post secondary education. You should discuss your challenges and how TRIO is helping you achieve your educational and career plans and goals. This scholarship is need based so please explain your financial circumstances. (Limit responses to 600 words.)
  4. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name, I certify that the information included in this application is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.