Overland Rotary & Ritenour Optimist Scholarship for Students Who Do Not Attend Ritenour High School

The Overland Rotary and the Ritenour Optimists offer scholarships to students who LIVE in the Ritenour school district. This application is for students who live in the district boundaries and attend private school or are homeschooled. If you attend Ritenour High School, please use the Overland Rotary Club (Ritenour High School) or Ritenour Optimist Club Scholarship (Ritenour High School) applications on Scholarship Central.


  • Applicants must be a High School Senior
  • Applicants must LIVE within the boundaries of the Ritenour School District

Questions? contact: support@myscholarshipcentral.org

Supplemental Questions
  1. List High School Activities, Offices Held, Sports, etc.
    • 1. Activity
    • 2.Years
    • 3. Office, Award, Letter, Recognition
  2. List Community Activities (Church, Scouts, Volunteer, etc.)
    • 1. Activity
    • 2. Years
    • 3. Office, Award, Letter, Recognition
  3. List Service Activities Completed in School Organizations (NHS, Student Council, Leadership, etc.)
    • 1. Activity
    • 2.. Years
    • 3. Office, Award, Letter, Recognition
  4. Employment
    • 1. Employer
    • 2. Address
    • 3. Position
    • 4. Frequency (ie. hours/week)
    • 5. Dates (from/to)
  5. Where do you plan to further your education?
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