William D. Stiehl Scholarship

This scholarship was established by William D. Stiehl, a United States District Judge who created the Greater East St. Louis Community Fund in 1991. Since its inception, education has been a primary purpose for the Fund. The Fund has awarded scholarships to deserving East St. Louis and Brooklyn graduating high school seniors to support the cost of their college education.
The William D. Stiehl Scholarship is targeted to students who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and will be enrolled in graduate studies. Other specific eligibility requirements are:
Must be a high school graduate of an East St. Louis High School;
• Former resident of East St. Louis or Brooklyn IL
• Have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university;
• Accepted into an accredited college or university as a full-time graduate student
• Maintain the minimum GPA to continue graduate studies.
Because of the Judge Stiehl’s interest in improving disinvested communities, The William D. Stiehl Scholarship will only be awarded to graduate students whose field of study is aligned with helping disinvested communities. Examples include: city & regional planning, public policy, public administration, political science; law, education or any other discipline that will improved disinvested urban communities.

Questions? Contact scholarships@greaterestlfund.org

At least $1,000
Supplemental Questions
  1. Where will you live during the academic year for which you are applying?
  2. What college do you plan to attend next year? If undecided, list your top two choices to which you have applied. You must submit a copy of your acceptance letter before final scholarship consideration is given.
    • a. Name of College
    • b. Address, City & State
    • c. Accepted by Institution?
  3. Financial Aid
    • Are you applying for financial aid at the college you plan to attend?
    • If no, please explain.
  4. Share with us your graduate school goals and your professional goals and how graduate school will prepare you for future professional goals. UPLOAD your response in a Word or PDF document.
  5. Upload the acceptance letter from the graduate program to which you have been accepted.
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