Boniface Foundation

The Boniface name is a tribute to the history of medical care provided to the St. Louis community by the Franciscan Sisters of Germany. The first hospital operated by the sisters was St. Boniface Hospital in south St. Louis, which was named for the parish that brought the sisters over from Germany. The Franciscan Sisters operated St. Boniface from 1873-77, followed by Pius Hospital in north St. Louis, little St. Anthony’s Hospital and old St. Anthony’s Hospital, both in south St. Louis. After the order relinquished control of the hospital, St. Anthony’s Medical Center was built in south St. Louis County and opened in 1975. The foundation was established in 1999 and operated as a supporting organization to St. Anthony’s Medical Center.

On June 1, 2017, St. Anthony’s affiliated with Mercy and the foundation became a private organization and changed its name from St. Anthony’s Medical Center Foundation to Boniface Foundation. In continuing in their mission to provide support for charitable and educational activities that promote individual and community health and well-being in St. Louis counties and city, the Boniface Foundation provides scholarships to children of St. Anthony’s Medical Center employees meeting specified requirements.