Swope Memorial Loan Fund

The Swope Memorial Loan Fund is used primarily to enable the exceptional student to continue his or her studies, which otherwise would be prevented through lack of means. Only students who are graduates of St. Louis city or county public high schools are eligible to apply. There is no limitation of sex, color, or creed. The Swope Memorial Loan may be used in any college or university for undergraduate study, subject to the approval of the Swope Memorial Loan Fund Committee.

The student must be willing to make an investment in his or her own future. Students must repay the amount received – with or without interest – so that others may similarly benefit and continue their education. Repayment may begin at any time in small payments during the time the student is attending college, or after graduation in larger amounts.

To be considered for the Swope Memorial Loan, students must:

  • Be graduates of St. Louis City or St. Louis County public high schools
  • Have unmet financial need

Questions? Contact support@myscholarshipcentral.org

Gerald Swope
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