Nike Latino & Friends Network Scholarship

The purpose of the Scholarship Program of the Latino & Friends Network STL is to promote and advance the education of Hispanics & Latinos in the Missouri region. The scholarship program rewards academic achievement by providing funding for higher education. The Latino & Friends Network STL Scholarship Program is funded through the AIR MANUFACTURING INNOVATION/NIKE, Inc United Network Fund and the annual operating budget. The Latino & Friends Network STL awards and disburses the money to Hispanic & Latino students who attend an accredited college, university or institution of higher learning.

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants are Hispanic/Latino (at least one great-grandparent, grandparent, or parent must be/have been Hispanic/Latino).
Applicants are seeking an associate or baccalaureate (college student or high-school graduate) as a full time student
Applicants must have an official address in Missouri
Applicants are accepted or enrolled in an accredited college, university or institution of higher learning in the United States as a degree-seeking student by June 30.
Must be majoring in one of the following areas: STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), business, accounting or IT/OT/Cybersecurity (Information technology, Operational technology, Computer Drafting & Design)

The selection process for scholarship candidates is competitive, and scholarship funds are awarded without regard to financial need. Each year, the Board of Co-Chairs and Pillars of the Latino & Friends Network STL determines the number of scholarships to be awarded and their amount.

The scholarship money will go strictly direct to the Scholar Institution.

Previous scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply for further scholarship award by submitting a current application according to the eligibility and guidelines as applicable.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a descendent of someone born in a Hispanic/Latino country? Please name the relation.
  2. Birthplace
  3. Parent/Guardian 1 Place of Birth
  4. Parent/Guardian 2 Place of Birth
  5. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Occupation or Title
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