Finish Line Degree Completion Grant

The Finish Degree Completion Line Grant from Missouri Scholarship & Loan Foundation (MSLF) is designed to assist Missouri students who have left school and are prevented from re-enrolling and completing a degree or certificate due to an outstanding balance. MSLF will pay up to $3,000.00 towards a past due balance so that the student can complete their degree or program at any eligible Missouri school.

Eligible students will be identified by the participating school and must:

  • Be a Missouri resident and U.S. citizen/permanent resident
  • Have a current or last previously known EFC of approximately 12,000 or less
  • Upload a statement from the school’s business office showing the outstanding balance and detailed expenses
  • Have a past due balance for approximately six months or more preventing the student from completing a degree
  • Prepare a degree completion plan with their academic advisor/eligible school
  • Within approx. half of the program to complete
  • Meet academic progress standards as set by the participating school

The program is administered by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with program rules and applicable laws. Grants are the decision of the MSLF and the participating school.

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Missouri Scholarship & Loan Foundation
up to $3,000