Ron and Christine Lemonds - Edward Jones Scholarship

The Ron and Christine Lemonds—Edward Jones Scholarship annually awards a $1,000 renewable scholarship to a student who is the dependent child of a home-office employee of Edward D. Jones. Recipients will demonstrate academic strength and financial need at a nonprofit, nationally accredited two-year or four-year college or university. Children of general partners of the parent company, The Jones Financial Companies, LLP, may not apply for consideration.

  • Dependent child of a home-office associate of Edward D. Jones & Co., LP. Eligible associates work in the home office in St. Louis MO, Tempe AZ, Mississauga, ON, or as a home office home-based associate
  • Graduating high school senior or current college student
    • Cumulative 3.0 grade point average on a four-point scale, or the equivalent
    • College preparatory academic record and potential for success
    • Demonstrated financial need at an eligible college or university
    • Full-time enrollment at an accredited nonprofit two-year or four-year college, university, or technical college

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of:
• student’s extracurricular involvement, including work, that demonstrates responsibility and/or leadership
• essays that demonstrate strength of character and an attitude that will lead to success
• two letters of reference
• transcript that demonstrates past success and potential for future success

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please answer all questions that apply to you, even if they are not marked “required.”

Financial need will be evaluated based on information provided by the student:
• Application
FAFSA Student Aid Report
• Financial Aid award letter from the college the student will attend.

Recipients’ names, contact information, college, and major will be shared with Edward Jones. Financial information will not be shared.

Renewal of the Ron and Christine Lemonds Scholarship is based on satisfactory progress toward a degree, continued demonstration of financial need, and submitting the renewal application on time.

Application status will be changed from submitted to either offered or denied in June. Applicants can view their status by logging in to their Scholarship Central account.

Questions? Contact Ellen Vietor, Scholarship Manager at St. Louis Community Foundation, or 314-880-4960.

Eligibility, financial need, and award amount for this scholarship program will be determined by the St. Louis Community Foundation. This scholarship program, as a component fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation, does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, color, sexual orientation, veteran status, or physical or mental disability.

Ron & Christine Lemonds
$1,000, renewable
Supplemental Questions
  1. To be considered for this scholarship, your Scholarship Central General Application MUST include your FALL transcript for the current academic year. The transcript should show your name, school, grades, and cumulative GPA. If you previously uploaded an earlier transcript, please upload a new transcript to your General Application and change your answer to the GPA question. If your college choice has changed, please update that on the General Application as well.
  2. Are you the dependent child of an Edward Jones home office associate located in St. Louis, MO, Tempe, AZ, Mississauga, ON, or a home office home-based associate?
  3. If yes, indicate your parent's work location.
  4. Provide J or P number for your parent employed at Edward Jones.
  5. Information for the parent (or legal guardian) who works at a Edward Jones home office: Parent 1 Full Name.
  6. Parent 1 address (if different than yours). Include home number & street, city, state and zip code
  7. Parent 1 daytime phone number or cell phone number
  8. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Current Employer
  9. Parent 1 Occupation or Title
  10. Parent 1 Marital status
  11. List any extracurricular activities, work or volunteer involvement, including the activity, the time involved, dates of involvement, and position(s) held:
  12. ESSAY: Tell us about your gifts and talents and how education will help you further develop those gifts and talents. How will you use your gifts and talents to make a difference in your career? This essay is your opportunity to tell the scholarship application review committee about yourself. (500 words or less)
  13. HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT: If you are in college and have completed fewer than 24 credits, upload your high school transcript.
  14. Upload your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) for next year.
  15. Enter your EFC that is on your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).
  16. UPLOAD: Please upload next year's Financial Aid Award Letter from the college you will attend. This document will be required before an award can be determined and should include: college name, applicant name, loans, grants and scholarships offered.
  17. What school issued the award letter that you uploaded?
  18. Upload documentation from the school you plan to attend that shows your total cost of attendance.
  19. Where will you live during the academic year for which you are applying?
  20. List the names of any siblings, their age(s), and what school(s) they are attending (if any)
  21. List any financial awards you have been notified about for the period for which you are requesting funding. These may include veteran's benefits, tuition waivers, WIA benefits, employee reimbursement, as well as other institutional/grant aid.
    • 1. Name
    • 2. Amount
    • 3. Renewable
  22. If you wish to inform the reviewers of any unusual financial circumstances, including costs associated with your education or educational loans already incurred for or by you, please provide here. Please note that tax forms, W-2s or other documentation may be requested to verify information on the FAFSA Student Aid Report.
  23. SCHOLARSHIP CENTRAL RECOMMENDATION: Enter the name and e-mail address of an instructor, counselor, advisor, supervisor or other similarly qualified individual who will submit a recommendation on your behalf. NOTE: As the applicant, it is your responsibility to inform that person to watch for an email sent on your behalf that will explain how to complete this process.
  24. SCHOLARSHIP CENTRAL SECOND RECOMMENDATION: Enter the name and e-mail address of an instructor, counselor, advisor, supervisor or other similarly qualified individual who will submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. NOTE: As the applicant, it is your responsibility to inform that person to watch for an email sent on your behalf that will explain how to complete this process.
  25. SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I authorize the St. Louis Community Foundation and its agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic records and other information that applies to the consideration of this application. My signature also signifies that, if awarded, I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the St. Louis Community Foundation of any changes to my college plans and that I understand that some portion of scholarship awards I receive from any source may be considered taxable income if the total amount exceeds the cost of tuition and course related fees, supplies and equipment.
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