Knox County High School

This application is open to current Knox County High School seniors who are eligible for graduation (Class of 2024) and in good standing. Review the eligibility for the scholarships below. Determine the scholarships you are eligilble for and wish to apply to, and select them on the first question of the applicaiton. Make sure to answer the specific questions for each scholarship you are applying for. Some questions are used for multiple applications.

AAA Auto Repair Technical Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Student planning to attend a technical college

Albert Hagerla Memorial Scholarship $500
Eligibility: FFA member, special consideration for those going into the agriculture field

Caroline Hartsock Memorial Scholarship $200
Eligibility: Interest in the education field

Citizens Bank of Edina Scholarship $500
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0, financial need

Coach Carol Gross Memorial Scholarship varies
Eligibility: Students who show fortitude, a positive attitude, perseverance, help others, and show an “Eagle Spirit”

Cordelio Power Scholarship $1000
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0

Eastern Star Scholarship $200
Eligibility: Pursuing education after high school

Helen McElfresh Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Eligibiilty: Intend to pursue a career in the human or health services

Knox County Athletic Booster’s Scholarship $500 (2 awards)
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0, involved in sports all 4 years, financial need

Knox County CTA Scholarship $250
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0, preference for students planning to become a teacher

Knox County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Involvement in school and community activities

Knox County PTO Scholarship $250
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0,Financial need, involvement in school and community activities

Knox County Rotary Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Financial need, involvement in school and community activities

Knox County Young Farmer Scholarship $200
Eligibility: Agricultural background and interested in pursuing a major in an agricultural field, active member in FFA, financial need

Legacy Land and Home – Love Where You Live Scholarship $500
Eligibility: GPA > 2.5

Lila Kennedy Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Financial need, preference to those entering the field of education

Margaret Parrish Business Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Business major, involved in FBLA

Mike Kite Foundation Memorial Scholarship $200
Eligibility: Planning to attend college

Pepsi Cola Memphis Bottling Co Inc. Scholarship up to $500
Eligibility: GPA > 2.0, involvement in school and community activities

Quail Forever (Doug Rainey/Dave Mackey Scholarship) $1,000
Eligibility: Financial need, involvement in school and community activities

Rex D. Arment Memorial Scholarship $150
Eligibility: Business major, involvement in school and community activities

Sandra Browning Memorial Music Booster Scholarship up to $400
Eligibility: Member of band or choir, plans to continue activities in music

Scott Childress Memorial Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Financial need, maintain 2.5 GPA in college

Scott Pinson Memorial Scholarship $100
Eligibility: GPA > 2.0, Attending a technical school or community college

Student Council KCHS Scholarship award varies
Eligibility: Student council member

The Clothes Closet Scholarship $2,000
Eligibility: 2 scholarships available – 1 for a male student and 1 for a female student – planning to attend a 4-year college, 2-year college, or a vocational or trade school

United State Bank Scholarship $500
Eligibility: GPA > 3.0, financial need, involvement in school and community activities

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4822 Scholarship $500
Eligibility: Preference given to children/grandchildren of veterans, involvement in school and community activities

Supplemental Questions
  1. I am applying for the following scholarships:
  2. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Full Name
  3. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Occupation or Title
  4. Parent (or legal guardian) 2 Full name
  5. Parent (or legal guardian) 2 Occupation or Title
  6. How many siblings do you have? What are their ages?
  7. Financial Information: Please note your anticipated expenses for the coming school year:
    • 1. Tuition amount
    • 2. Room and board amount
    • 3. Books and supplies
    • 4. Transportation
    • 5. Other (please note amount and explanation)
  8. Have you received any other scholarships or awards?
    • 1. Scholarship Name/Organization
    • 2. Award Amount
  9. Upload Resume: Highlight leadership positions, extracurricular involvement, awards and honors, community service and volunteerism, and work experience.
  10. Please write a paragraph about your education plans, including the school you are attending, your intended major, and your career goals.
  11. If you are applying for one of the following scholarships: Knox County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Knox County Rotary Scholarship, Mike Kite Memorial Scholarship, Scott Childress Memorial Scholarship,

    Write a projection of what you will be doing five years from now. Include type of employment and/or education and location.

  12. AAA Auto Repair Technical School Scholarship Essay: Why have you chosen a major in the technical field?
  13. Albert Hagerla Memorial Scholarship Essay: How has your participation in Knox County FFA prepared you for the future?
  14. Caroline Hartsock Memorial Scholarship Questions
    • Essay: Write an essay of no more than 500 words that includes the following:

      1. What do you hope to accomplish with your secondary education?

      2. Where will you be attending college, and why did you choose that particular college?

      3. How has your community helped you and what have you done in return?

      4. What is the most important lesson you received at Knox County High School?

      5. Why would this scholarship be special to you?

    • Upload a community service log and/or work record listing.
  15. Citizens Bank of Edina Scholarship Questions
    • 1. What are your career goals?
    • 2. Why are you applying for this scholarship?
  16. Coach Carol Gross Scholarship Essay:Write an essay outlining the following criteria.

    1. What adversity or hardship have you faced during your life?

    2. How have you helped others?

    3. How have you shown or exemplified an “Eagle Spirit”?

  17. Cordelio Power Scholarship Questions
    • Essay: Why do you believe you deserve this scholarship?
    • SCHOLARSHIP CENTRAL RECOMMENDATION: Enter the name and e-mail address of an instructor, counselor, advisor, supervisor or other similarly qualified individual who will submit a recommendation on your behalf. NOTE: As the applicant, it is your responsibility to inform that person to watch for an email sent on your behalf that will explain how to complete this process.
  18. Eastern Star Scholarship: Names of any family member(s) who is, or was a Mason or Eastern Star Member
  19. Helen McElfresh Memorial Scholarship Essay: What are your future goals and aspirations?
  20. Knox County Athletic Boosters Scholarship Questions
    • 1. List the sports you participated in and the years you participated
    • 2. List any athletic honors and awards you have received in the past four years.
  21. Knox County CTA Scholarship Essay: How have your experiences at Knox County schools made an impact on your post-graduation plans?
  22. Knox County PTO Scholarship Essay: How does parental/family involvement in the school system affect the educational process? And how has your parent/family's involvement in the school system influenced you?
  23. Knox County Young Farmer Scholarship Essay: Using the seven preferences listed below, explain how you qualify for this award:

    1. Have an agricultural background

    2. Enrolled in high school agricultural class

    3. An active member of the FFA

    4. Indicate an interest in pursuing a major in an agricultural field

    5. Show a financial need

    6. Participate in school and community activities

    7. Have a reputation for good citizenship and good moral character

  24. Legacy Land and Home – Love Where You Live Scholarship Questions
    • 1. Sibling Names
    • 2. Duration lived in Knox County
    • 3. You must submit both a video response and a written response to the following prompt: What do you love about living in Knox County? Submit your written respones here.
    • 4. Link to your video response here. Make sure the link is public.
    • 5. By typing my name below, I am consenting to my submitted photo, video, and/or written responses being shared publicly via Legacy Land and Home outreach including but not limited to digital displays, website, social media, and/or printed materials.
  25. Lila Kennedy Scholarship Essay: Indicate what you have done in planning ahead to help meet your anticipated college expenses. How have you earned and saved money and what are your plans for the upcoming summer?
  26. Margaret Parrish Business Scholarship Essay: Describe your involvement in FBLA including how many years involved and offices held.
  27. Quail Forever Scholarship Essay: What is your interest and involvement in conservation? Are you, or your family, members of a Quail Forever Organization?
  28. Rex D. Arment Memorial Scholarship Essay: Why have you chosen to major in a business related field?
  29. Sandra Browning Memorial Music Booster's Scholarship Questions
    • 1. Summarize your participation in music at Knox County schools. Include the number of years involved, instruments played, ensembles participated in, contests competed in, and any other music activities involved in through school.
    • 2. Essay: “The Impact of Music on My Life” Include how your interest in music started, how it developed, and how you perceive it impacting your life in the future.
  30. Scott Pinson Memorial Scholarship: Do you plan to commute from home? If not, where do you plan to live while attending school?
  31. Student Council Scholarship Questions
    • 1. What is your current student council office?
    • 2. List leadership positions you have held while in high school.
    • 3. In your opintion, what is the purpose of a student council?
    • 4. Choose one leadership trait and describe how you applied that trait to the student council.
    • 5. What project or activity was the most beneficial to the student body?
    • 6. Describe anything about yourself, including special circumstances, which have not been expressed on the application. For example, although financial need is not a requirement, it may be considered, as may participation and involvement in other groups and organization in your school or community.
  32. The Clothes Closet Scholarship Questions
    • 1. What degree or trade are you planning to study? What school do you plan to attend? How long is the program?
    • 2. Are you A+ eligible? Can you use A+ for the program you are attending?
    • 3. What are your career goals?
    • 4. Why do you need or feel you deserve this scholarship?
    • 5. Did you have a job or work on your family farm while in high school?
    • 6. Hours worked per week?
    • 7. Type of job?
  33. United State Bank Scholarship Essay: Why are you applying for this scholarship?
  34. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4822 Scholarship Questions
    • 1. Are you a child or grandchild (or other relative) of a Veteran? If so, describe your relationship (grandfather, mother, uncle, etc.) and a brief summary of their service (branch, years of service, etc.).
    • 2. Essay: As the war in Afghanistan concludes, more and more soldiers are returning home as veterans of a foreign war. In your opinion, are these new veterans looked upon differently than other veterans of past wars?
  35. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I authorize Knox County High School and partner organizations to examine, verify and discuss the contents of this application. I certify that all answers are accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that all information in the application and essay are my own work. I understand that the decisions made regarding my participation in this program are made by Knox County High School and partner organization in reliance upon the truth and correctness of my statements.
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