Women Legislators of Missouri Scholarship

Members of the Women Legislators of Missouri sponsor this scholarship program for young women graduating high school in Missouri. This is a one time $1,000 scholarship.

Applicants must be:

  • Female
  • Missouri resident
  • Current high school senior
  • Graduating from a public high school, private high school or home school in Missouri this year

Questions? Email support@myscholarshipcentral.org

Women Legislators of Missouri
Supplemental Questions
  1. Who is your Missouri State Representative and what is your District Number? (Visit house.mo.gov and enter your address and city in the "Find Your Representative" box to find your representative’s name and your District number).
    • 1. Your Missouri State Representative
    • 2. Rep District Number
  2. What is your U.S. Congressional District Number? (Visit house.gov/representatives/find/ and enter your zip code.)
  3. What is your zip code + 4? (Visit USPS.com to look up your 4-digit zip code).
  4. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Full Name
  5. Parent (or legal guardian) 1 Phone Number
  6. School Counselor's Name
  7. School Counselor's email address and/or phone number
  8. How many students are in your graduating class?
  9. To which colleges, universities, or vocational‐technical schools have you already, or do you plan to, apply for admittance?
  10. LEADERSHIP: List the extracurricular activities in which you took a leadership role.
    • 1. Organization/Activity
    • 2. Your leadership role
    • 3. Dates of participation (from/to)
    • 4. Approximate number of members in organization/activity
  11. COMMUNITY SERVICE: List volunteer activities in your community in which you are or have been involved.
    • 1. Organization/Activity
    • 2. Your role
    • 3. Dates of participation (from/to)
    • 4. Total hours of service completed
  12. Employment
    • 1. Employer
    • 2. Address
    • 3. Position
    • 4. Frequency (ie. hours/week)
    • 5. Dates (start date/end date)
  13. ESSAY: As women legislators, we are honored and privileged to serve the people of Missouri. If you were a state legislator, what is one law you would work to pass and why?
  14. SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I certify that the information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and I authorize the Women Legislators of Missouri and their agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic records and other information which applies to the consideration of this application. My signature also signifies that, if awarded, I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the Women Legislators of Missouri information needed to mail a check to my school by September 1 or my award will be forfeited.
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