Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis RENEWAL Application

This application should only be completed by students who have previously received an interest-free loan or a scholarship grant within the past 5 years from The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. Students who complete this application will be considered for funding for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Eligibility requires enrollment in a certificate or degree program at an accredited, nonprofit postsecondary institution. All fields of study, except the ministry and divinity degrees, are eligible for funding. Graduate students are eligible to apply, but please be aware that allocations for graduate studies are limited.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that ALL required documents have been submitted by the application deadline. The Scholarship Foundation may not be able to notify the applicant of missing documents prior to the deadline.

The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis
6825 Clayton Ave, Suite 100, St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 725-7990

varies, renewable
Supplemental Questions
  1. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Upload your OFFICIAL college transcript (including grades through fall 2023)
  2. STUDENT AID INDEX (SAI): Upload the complete 2024-25 FAFSA Submission Summary report from your FAFSA. If you are unable to file a FAFSA for any reason, please contact The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis at or (314) 725-7990 for guidance on information that may be submitted as a substitute. (Click here for instructions to download your FAFSA Submission Summary.)
  3. If you have siblings who are currently enrolled, or will be enrolled, in college for the 2024-25 academic year, please enter the total number here.
  4. Dependency Status: Are you a dependent or independent student? (You are an independent student if you would answer "yes" to one or more questions in this list.)
  5. Are you pursuing a dependency override due to personal circumstances that prevent you from acquiring your parent's information on the FAFSA?
  6. FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN BORROWING HISTORY: Upload a screenshot of your borrowing history from your Federal Student Aid Dashboard which consists of your total balance of federal student loans and the breakdown of the individual Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans borrowed to date. ( Click here for instructions to access your borrowing history.)
  7. Housing Plans: Select your housing plans for the school you plan to attend.
  8. FINANCIAL AID AWARD LETTER: Upload your 2024-2025 Financial Aid Award Letter. If you receive the financial aid award letter from your school by the application deadline, upload the document and submit it with your application. If you do not receive the letter by the deadline, you will be contacted to email the document before an award is considered.
  9. Your success and wellbeing are important to us. Please share your experiences from the previous academic year. We’d love to hear about your personal accomplishments or challenges you’ve faced during the year.
  10. Outline any changes to your degree program in the last year (i.e. major, graduation date, school). Please describe why the change occurred and how it relates to achieving your academic goals. If no changes have occurred, please write "N/A" below.
  11. What are your long-term educational and/or career goals?
  12. Graduate Students: If you are applying for funding as a graduate student, please be aware that allocations are limited. Provide a brief statement that describes how achievement of an advanced degree is necessary preparation for work in your current field of interest at this time.
  13. If there is information about your or your family’s financial circumstances and ability to pay for college that you wish us to take into consideration as part of your application, please describe them here. Examples include a change or loss of income over the past year or medical costs due to illness in the household.
  14. APPLICATION STATUS AUTHORIZATION: For your protection, The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis requires your authorization to share personal information and the status of your application to a third party such as your parent(s), counselors, community-based organizations, etc. If you wish to grant authorization, please list below the names of the individuals and their relationship to you. If the individual is affiliated with an organization, please also include the name of the organization.
  15. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I authorize The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis and its agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic and/or financial records and other information which applies to the consideration of this application. I certify that all answers are accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that all information in the application and essays are my own work. I understand that the decisions made regarding my participation in this program are made by The Scholarship Foundation in reliance upon the truth and correctness of my statements.
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