Wentzville-Lake St. Louis Optimist Club Harold Simpson Memorial Scholarship

The Wentzville / Lake St. Louis Optimist Club, an international youth oriented organization, has created the Optimist Club Scholarship to assist a deserving senior from each of the three Wentzville School District high schools (Holt, Timberland and Liberty). Applicants may pursue a post secondary education in ANY career field or trade endeavor.

The scholarship will be awarded directly to the recipient after proof of enrollment has been provided to the Wentzville / Lake St. Louis Optimist Club and the recipient attends a meeting to read their essay to the club. One winner may be selected to advance to the district level competition for a chance to win an additional $2,500. This may require a few alterations to the essay format.

Applicants must attend a high school senior attending a school in the Wentzville school district. Applicants must also be active participants in at least three school or community activities and be able to list at least two examples of their community service and/or volunteer work.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe the school and community activities you are actively participating in.
  2. Please describe the community service and volunteer work you have participated in.
  3. Please share your greatest accomplishment and explain why it was important to you.
  4. Essay: "Optimism: How It Connects Us." Essay should be 700-800 words.
  5. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I authorize the Wentzville Lake St. Louis Optimist Club, Incorporated and its agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic and/or financial records and other information which applies to the consideration of this application. I certify that all answers are accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that all information in the application and essays are my own work.