Knox County Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship

Knox County Mutual Insurance Company is offering a $500.00 scholarship to a 2024 graduate of Knox County High school.

Eligibility requirements are as follows: Student must be a member of the 2024 graduating class of Knox County High School and must be able to provide a paid enrollment receipt to an institution of higher education such as a college, university or technical school. The applicant must not be related to any Knox County Mutual employee or Board member.

Contact with questions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Parent/Guardian Name(s)
  2. Parent/Guardian(s) Employer and Occupation
  3. How many siblings do you have? What are their ages?
  4. In the space below, summarize your school/community activities. List organizations you are a member of and offices held. Include any work experience you might have.
  5. Please write a paragraph about your education plans, including the school you are attending, your intended major, and your career goals.
  6. In the space below, write a projection of what you’ll be doing five years from now. Include type of employment and/or education and location:
  7. Please list any additional scholarships that you have received including the name of the scholarship, the organization awarding the scholarship, and the amount per year of the scholarship.
  8. The applicant herewith consents that the Scholarship Committee be fully informed as to the applicant’s Scholastic standing, character, and other factors having a bearing on this Application.
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