The Evelyn and Albert Baron Memorial Scholarship

This memorial scholarship is to honor Evelyn and Albert Baron. Both faced adversity from early on in life, either escaping from persecution, losing a child, and facing a terminal illness. These events certainly shaped but didn’t define them. Instead, it taught them to appreciate and embrace life, seek knowledge, and influence justice through education. May this scholarship keep their memory alive and further your journey in education.

Eligibility Criteria:
- Seeking a degree in education or related field.
- Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
- Show proof of community engagement through voluntarism.
- Special consideration will be given to applicants who are immigrants or have one immigrant parent.
- High school senior or current college students

Contact with any questions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please describe the community service and volunteer work you have participated in.
  2. Special consideration for this scholarship is given to applicants who are immigrants or have at least one immigrant parent. If this applies to you, please describe your immigrant background.
  3. ESSAY: Write an essay of 500 words or less on ONE of the following topics:

    1. How do you envision your career in education making a positive change in the world?

    2. How has adversity impacted and/or contributed to your life?

  4. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I authorize the administrators of this schoalrship and its agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic and/or financial records and other information which applies to the consideration of this application. I certify that all answers are accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that all information in the application and essays are my own work.