AIA St. Louis Scholarships

The AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund provides several scholarship opportunities for students studying architecture at an NAAB accredited school of Architecture for third, fourth and fifth year and graduate work in their academic career. Students must be permanent residents or raised in the St. Louis metropolitan region, but the School of Architecture may be located anywhere. The following counties are included in the St. Louis metropolitan region: Bond County, IL, Calhoun County, IL, Clinton County, IL, Franklin County, MO, Jefferson County, MO, Jersey County, IL, Lincoln County, MO, Macoupin County, IL, Madison County, IL, Monroe County, IL, St. Charles County, MO, St. Clair County, IL, St. Louis City, MO, St. Louis County, MO or Warren County, MO.

All scholarships will require a personal interview which will occur during the summer in St. Louis.

Recipients will be selected in July and funds will be disbursed in August and January of the following school year.

Questions? Email Patrick Tetley at

AIA St. Louis Scholarship Fund
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your Fall 2024 enrollment status?
  2. Residence
    • If you currently live in the St. Louis metro area, how long have you lived here?
    • In which St. Louis metro county were you raised?
  3. Employment experience: (Please include work experience following high school graduation.)
    • 1- Dates of Employment (Start/End Month/Year)
    • 2- Name of Employer
    • 3- City/State
    • 4- Position
    • 5- Salary
    • 6- Hrs/Week
  4. ESSAY: Please complete this statement: I am committed to the study of architecture because...
  5. ESSAY: How will you spend the upcoming summer?
  6. FINANCING YOUR EDUCATION - list current outstanding loans and sources of financing
  7. AIA LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Please provide the name and email address of a non-family member (employer or faculty member) who has agreed to serve as a reference for you. Please note it is your responsibility to notify the person listed.
  8. APPLICANT SIGNATURE: By entering my full name below, I authorize AIA St. Louis and its agents to examine, verify and discuss my academic records and other information which applies to the consideration of this application. I certify that all answers are accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that all information in the application and essays are my own work. I understand that the decisions made regarding my participation in this program are made by AIA St. Louis in reliance upon the truth and correctness of my statements.
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